PASO’s Strategic Plan

The PASO 2018-2022 Strategic Plan is our organisation’s first ever Strategic Plan.

The key theme for our Strategic Plan is to stabilise and strengthen PASO to enable PASO to develop and maintain very strong foundations on which Pacific aviation safety is built.

Our Strategic Plan provides a platform for PASO to provide great services to our Members, reform internally, and be a dynamic, relevant, and respected aviation organisation in the Pacific. It also provides an opportunity for increased regionalism for aviation in the Pacific.

PASO is now starting a review of progress against the current Strategic Plan and prepare for PASO’s next planning cycle.


PASO’s vision is to be “an international organisation providing quality aviation safety and security service for Member States in the Pacific”.


PASO’s mission is “to provide continuous improvement of quality of aviation safety and security oversight services to PASO Members and their respective national civil aviation authorities in order to comply with international and regional standards required under the PICASST and the ICAO Convention”.

Strategic Goals

PASO’s operational activities are aligned to the PASO 2018-2022 Strategic Plan which articulates three strategic areas:

  • Service Delivery Excellence: provide relevant and excellence services to our Members and high-quality advice and recommendation
  • Organisational Strengthening: to be a strong, stable, efficient, transparent and dynamic organisations, that is responsive to the needs of our members
  • Respected Partnerships: to ensure strong partnerships with governments, civil aviation authorities, operators, and other partners with whom PASO works to achieve its vision

Strategic Priorities

PASO identified seven priority areas aligned to its strategic goals in the PASO 2018-2022 Strategic Plan:

  1. PASO has strong programs and support services for its Members
  2. A well-developed pool of inspectors
  3. PASO maintains robust Quality Management Systems
  4. PASO exhibits strong corporate, organisational, and financial governance
  5. PASO is reformed
  6. PASO has excellent internal and external relationships
  7. PASO maintains an equitable and supportive Host Agreement

PASO’s Values

Five values are identified in the PASO 2018-2022 Strategic Plan and underpin PASO’s work:


PASO’s decisions and actions will be communicated to Member States, Associate Member States and relevant Observer Organisations


PASO will act impartially and treat each Member State equally. Services will be provided based on risk and need


PASO’s services will be provided in an effective and efficient manner and in accordance with agreed annual work plans


PASO will act with the highest ethical standard and place the safety and security of aviation in the Pacific above all other considerations


PASO will agree and publish a Strategic Plan and an annual Business Plan and will report on achievement of those plans through an Annual Report

Last Updated on June 2, 2021